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ICEPP 2018

2018 6th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2018)
Brisbane, Australia, 6-8 December, 2018

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Isolation and identification of chromium-tolerant bacterial strains and their potential to promote plant growth
Muhammad Arshad, Anza Javaid, Maria Manzoor, Kiran Hina, Muhammad Arif Ali, and Iftikhar Ahmed
National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan

Reduction crystallization of heavy metals from acid treated phosphogypsum effluent utilizing hydrazine as a reducing reagent
T Mashifana and N Sithole
University of Johannesburg, South Africa
•OH mineralization of norfloxacin during the treatment of algae bloom water based on a drinking water treatment system with a capacity of 12,000 t per day
Yixuan Yu, Mindong Bai, Zhixin Ji
Dalian Maritime University, China

Developing Sustainable School Guidelines: The Case of Egypt
Sara Harb, Salah El-Haggar, Hani Sewilam
American University in Cairo Egypt

Irrigation Potential for sub-alpine agriculture. Implications for climate change adaptation and rural sustainable development
Edward Cornwell,Victor Sposito, Robert Faggian
Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Carbon neutral fuel reactor supported by internally produced exothermic energy of the Sabatier reaction: modelling and feasibility study
Oleksandr Pushkarov, Zonghan Xie
School of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia

Aerosol formation in ethanolamines mixtures based post combustion CO2 capture plants
Ablay Saparov, Dhawal Shah, and Mehdi Torkmahalleh
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan